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Iselwa Capital Investments » Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Growth is a central tenet of Iselwa Capitals’ strategic investment ambition.  We take a long-term perspective and invest in thesis-driven growth investments where we believe we can make a difference.

A Partnership Approach

We create value by actively transforming the strategy, operations and finances of investee businesses, making them “best-in-class”.

We achieve this by partnering with strong management teams (and in some instances like-minded co-investors) with proven experience in driving growth.  This partnership model is the crux of our investment thesis.

Medium-to-large companies in South Africa, and selectively in sub-Saharan Africa, that involves meaningful equity participation by management; and Good quality growth opportunities.

Our understanding of businesses and effecting meaningful operational and strategic change will build Iselwa Capital reputation as a constructive, valued equity partner.

Ultimately, we are hoping to build better businesses.